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Journey with us

We are constantly searching the world for extraordinary pieces and works of art that are special enough for our store and your home. Occasionally clients who are building or redecorating journey with us to Tibet, Nepal, China, Thailand or India to select their pieces directly from the artisans and villages we visit. Every purchase is packed with utmost care, cleared for export and transported back to the states in one of our shipping containers. Once you have selected those that inspire or captivate you most, we will do the rest.

Leave the world of high end boutiques behind, with their fabulous stories of far-off lands and adventure. Take advantage of this unique service offered by Worldcraft, allowing you to travel back in time on the shopping spree of a life time!! Come to India, China, Thailand and Morocco, and hand select architectural wonders for your building project, renovations or just inspired decorations for your home. Nothing turns a house into a cozy home like treasures from around the globe, hand chosen by you, steeped in culture and tradition, and especially enriched by the personal experience that led to these acquisitions.

The furnishings you select from halfway around the globe will arrive in your home, within a matter of months. You will have peered into the far east and discovered treasures that will soon be lost to the ages. With Worldcraft, you will have acquired unique pieces of beauty and antiquity that are truly yours and yours alone."

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