In our hectic modern lives and rapidly changing world, we often neglect to take proper care of ourselves. Our bedrooms should be places of consistent self-care at the highest level. Our bedrooms are our primary nests, literal comfort zones where we spend a third of our lives. The bedroom is the place where, nightly, one seeks rest and rejuvenation for the mind, body and spirit. It is also the place where primary relationships are consummated, nurtured and supported over time. More than any other part of the home, the bedroom should elicit the feeling of ease, as when the heart says "Ahhhh…" 

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The ideal bedroom design makes us feel as if we are in an elegant and beautiful womb-comfortable, safe and protected, uplifted, pampered and soothed all at the same time. From the moment our feet touch the bedroom carpet on entering, till the time we slide between the sheets at night, every aspect of our bedroom environments should facilitate our final release from the distractions, concerns and anxieties of the day. We should arise each morning refreshed and restored in body, mind and spirit.

Sacred home design is a way of weaving high-level self-care into the physical and spiritual fabric of our homes. And our home environments are often the first places that visibly reveal our lack of self-care. When this happens in your bedroom, the inner sanctum of your sanctuary, you lose precious ground in your restorative environment. Neglecting to make your bed-allowing it, and the bedroom itself, to become cluttered with clothes, books and miscellaneous stuff-is evidence of self-neglect, a sign that you are allowing worldly stresses and concerns to encroach into your mind and spill into your home.

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All too often, especially in times of stress, the bedroom is reduced to its baseline functional purpose. It becomes, by default, a place to crash at the end of the day, a de facto hotel room, no longer an altared space. We don't have to allow any room in our houses, or any part of our lives, to lapse into their baseline purposes and functions. That's what “altaring" your space is about.

The bedroom should be the most palpably altared space in one's home. It should be a unique personal environment of total restoration, as exciting, beautiful, sensual and delightful as any five-star hotel room. This is not hyperbole. It is how a sacred bedroom feels, and you can design such a space for yourself. Part of creating a sacred bedroom is visual, and these photographs will stimulate your own creative ideas.

 Yet a space is only sacred to the degree that we regard it so, and serve it with sacred intention. This can include such simple rituals as making the bed each morning in a spirit of gratitude; keeping the room clean and conscious; lighting candles or incense; playing soft music; or even chanting, praying, singing and sprinkling water around the room. Our environments reflect and magnify the energy, intention and consciousness we invest in them.

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 If you really design and serve your bedroom in the ways described and shown here, no other room on the planet, including any hotel room, will nourish you more or surpass your experience at home, which will be your little acre of heaven. Being, sleeping, dreaming or making love in your bedroom you will infuse your body, mind and spirit with the healing presence and rejuvenating energy of the sacred. Each day, you will awaken in your sacred bedroom with the feeling of sahej. Your heart will sigh in contentment and you will carry that feeling throughout your day.