MI CASA ES SU CASA or "My house is your house," is an invitation to guests to feel welcome, appreciated and at home in your home. In virtually all spiritual traditions, guests are honoured and served as potential or literal embodiments of the divine. The Old Testament encourages hospitality, even to strangers, as an expression of brotherly love, stating, "... for thereby, some have entertained angels unaware." Why should we regard our own guests anything less?

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The goal of the guest bedroom is to make your guests feel as close to the comfort of their own homes as possible. A guest room should exude welcome, comfort, elegance and charm. It should be your home version of a five-star hotel room for visiting family and friends. The quality of care and attention to detail that goes into designing your guest room makes welcome more than just a word. By putting your energy, creativity, spirit and, yes, a little money where your mouth is, you walk your “welcome" talk-and your guests will feel it.

guest bedroom ideas

Most guest rooms resemble, by default, a second-rate motel, or a storage space for old or second-hand furniture. You don't have to use top of the line furnishings and materials to create a quality guest room. But quality is important, as is the consciousness and attention you bring to the design process. Remember that a guest bedroom is a part of your temple, and your guests really are embodiments of the creator.

Have you ever travelled and stopped at a hotel, weary after a long day on the road, and checked into a clean, orderly, comfortable and elegant room that was done to a tee, down to the mints on the pillows? Why not extend the same greeting to your guests? But instead of a mint, place a fresh flower on each pillow, something seasonal and softly scented, perhaps a rose, an orange blossom or a jasmine flower.

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For an even nicer and more personal touch, create a little altar complete with incense, a candle, a picture or a statue in your guest's spiritual tradition. And to complete the gesture, create a little takeaway gift pouch or basket that expresses your personal appreciation for your guest, perhaps fine candy, your favorite incense and a heartfelt card. Remember, the farewell at parting is as important as the greeting upon arrival.