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Trunks & Tables

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    Wooden Chakki Base

    Wooden Chakki Base

    Once fashioned into a wheat grinder out of teak wood, our old Chakkis provide a great setting for candles or greenery, and double as a cozy seat when purchased with a custom fitted cushion. Each Chakki must be transported by a freight company as they are too easily broken in transit, due to their rounded shape and handmade features.
    Outer Dimension W:32-36 & H:10-12
    Inner Dimension 30-34
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    Regular Price: $350.00

    Special Price: $315.00

  2. Carved Arch Nightstand Cabinets

    Carved Arch Nightstand Cabinets

    The Carved Arch Nightstand Cabinet is intricately hand carved from solid neem wood, with a wooden carved double arch. Each nightstand cabinet is carved from solid Neem wood, of the Mahogany Family. Neem wood is a solid dense hardwood with natural pesticide qualities.
    Outer Dimensions 19" wide x 15" deep x 38" tall
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    Rosewood Brass Box

    Rosewood Brass Box

    Indian Rosewood Box with brass hinges throughout, extending across the sides and back of the box. It is secured with a metal clasp.
    Dimension 14x8x3.5' Learn More

    Regular Price: $115.00

    Special Price: $79.50

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    Lotus Mandala Hand Carved Nightstand

    Lotus Mandala Hand Carved Nightstand

    The Lotus Nightstand features a hand carved lotus door and drawer, constructed from Neem wood of the Mahogany Family, a dense hardwood with natural pesticide qualities. It is featured in a medium antique finish, matching the beds and seating in carving and color. Designed, Produced and Imported by Worldcraft exclusively.
    Outer Dimensions 22x15x30
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    Regular Price: $550.00

    Special Price: $515.00

  5. Painted Candle Plates

    Painted Candle Plates

    Hand painted from solid Kikkar wood, the candle plates are a fun and functional way to display candles, while protecting your furniture from wax and essential oils.
    Outer Dimension 5x5" 6x6" 8x8"
    Inner Dimension 3x3" 4x4" 6x6"
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    Bijani Candle Stand

    Bijani Candle Stand

    The Bijani Candle Stands are hand painted on solid white Neem wood, of the Mahogany Family. They are modeled after the old 'bijani' seed dispensers in rural India that were used by farming to distribute seed across a field. The top has been smoothed down to accommodate a 3" candle.
    Dimension 5x5x5"
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    Regular Price: $36.50

    Special Price: $29.00

  7. Wooden Low Table

    Wooden Low Table

    The Indian rosewood Bajots are perfect for a low altar table, or with a cushion for a comfortable seat.
    Size Options 20x20x6" 26x26x6" Learn More
  8. Lattice Nightstand

    Lattice Nightstand

    The Lattice Nightstand is intricately hand carved from solid rosewood, with a wooden woven Jali door, and a drawer. The lattice door is carved to match the wooden grill work on our Indian Beds.
    Outer Dimensions 16x13x23
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  9. Brass Candle Tray

    Brass Candle Tray

    The Decorative Candle Trays are made in India from brass and white metal alloy. They are often used to hold our essential oil candles, or as a decorative tray.
    Outer Dimension 6.5x6.5x2"
    Additional Accessories White Tea & Ginger Candles Red Currant Candles Learn More

  10. Brass Decorative Urli

    Brass Decorative Urli

    The Brass Urli Bowls are an exquisite version of the traditional Indian bowl. Handcrafted from brass with delicate details, this decorative bowl makes an elegant and exotic statement piece that lends a subtle global sophistication to any space.
    Weight & Size 7.28 KGs of Brass 14" wide
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Indian Style Trunks, Boxes & Tables

Bring a touch of old world charm to your home with an assortment of unique wooden trunks, featuring original brass clasps and hinges. Wooden low tables, traditionally called ‘bajots’, are hand crafted from teak wood, in a medium antique finish, and are often used as plant or candle stands. Add a richly embroidered cushion to create comfortable, impromptu seating around a coffee table. Create a home altar by covering a low table with cloth, candles, and stone or brass statues. Original teak Chakkis, once used as wheat grinders, are custom fitted with fiber and cotton cushions, and covered with rich embroidered fabrics. Decorate your home with hand painted boxes or original wooden trunks for a hint of global sophistication.